Thursday, December 16, 2010

Always and Forever

I never read books of Cathy Kelly. What makes me intent to know the story was because I see a badge at the top right edge of book, which says this book won the prize of relaxing spa break in ireland. I never read carefully, and it turns out that in fact the badge mean was that they offer buyers of this book to win a relaxing spa break in Ireland  with term and conditions,,ha3,,,screw me,, But actually its ok, because I never spend any money as I just only borrow from library,,he3..
the author
Always and Forever by Cathy Kelly is a story about the hard situation, determination, sacrifice and passion of woman community. Its start with the life of 3 woman in Carrickwell, Mel which struggle to balance her careers with her daughters Sarah and Carrie, Cleo which graduated from hotel management make efforts to save her family’s hotel and Daisy who never had a life instead of her boyfriend Alex. This three ambitious woman abruptly settle down after had a peak in their patience and passion when Mel give up her carrier after squabble with her lady boss who did not give a chance to a working mother, decide to  become a full time housewife to stay with the kids. Another story, Cleo fled after big argument with her family as they never consider discussing with her to sell their Willow hotel a.k.a home, which had an enormous meaning on Cleo life. She also tends to fall in love with the men who she finally discovers was a buyer of her family hotel. In the same time Daisy betrayed and abandoned by her-only-life- Alex, when she start to had a hope of being a mother, and Alex shatter her dream by having an affair with the woman in his work until that woman get pregnant. Instead of all that misery life hit their life brutally, Leah who was the owner of Cloud Hill spa tried to help each of them overcome their problem in different ways. She the only one who could understand them as she used to had a huge misery in life more than them, when she battle to cope with her son's death Jesse. There are some quotes that I like in this book:

I love when Cleo dump Nat and said that she never love Nat as he was not sort of the guy that wouldn’t let her comfort him when she’d just turned him down, he’d have snatched his hands away and left, coat flying in the wind of his departure. Was ceh also that kind of man? only i know ha3,,
Mary friend’s of Daisy also said that beauty from within sounds like the concept of supermodel type who eats all the right stuff; spend an hour standing on her head in the morning, and looks like a goddess. Some of us need help with beauty outside, but it being argued by Paula that said what we are is more important than how we look. I’m afraid to said that I quite agree with Mary as people now like to judge only the outside because it was the first impression.
I also like to hear the life of Mel which told me exactly the situation of the working mother, being envy and isolated by housewife, who usually had bad impression to woman like her, but it was a hard work to keep struggling balancing thing after had a kids than when it was before. The retirement of Mel from work was the best but she manage to sacrifice other things as now they only had a one salary rely on Adrian her husband,, but it was worth as it keep Mel and her kids more close. 
I keep thinking how it would turn to be when I’m work and had kids. Maybe I need to carefully manage time with ceh, keep look after the children as ceh went work in the night and I at day. But probably our time together as a couple would be less, huuhuhu (want to burst into tears),,,,I wonder how will I cope with that,,,,

Anyway 8 star for this book as the storyline was interesting but the ending was too easy and some part too bored because less conversation and more explaining about the environment which make me sleepy,,hehe,,but i love to read her others book,interesting idea..


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