Sunday, January 2, 2011

SHOPAHOLIC takes manhattan (1O star)),

Hi, today I want to talk about my one of my favorites book in shopaholic series,, SHOPAHOLIC TAKES MANHATTAN!!,,Eventhough I never own any shopaholic books, (no money no spending,), but i already had read all those book and can’t wait the following new girl,, mini shopaholic,, hehe,,
Let's shopping with Becky!

This time Becky now had her amazing career as a TV financial expert finance guru, advising others to ‘take care of their money and money would take care of you,,’ but even she success in career (apparently she never like those dizzy finance field),,
Luke workaholic man
 it seems like her relationship with Luke never goes well as he was workaholic man. He never had a non-disturbed -time when dating with her, and she always be patient and had cover her free time with Suze and shopping. 
Dreamworld's Bex

To make up their previous-non –time-together,, Luke and Bex going for holiday in New York and decided to settle down there as Luke want to expand his business in most amazing country in the world, New York just to impress arrogant-charismatic-elegant- woman, his mother, Elinor. Becky who excited to found ‘her world’ in New York; full of shopping site, never realize she was so na├»ve to stay there, finally being condemned and betrayed by everyone who first being so nice to her and lost her job she loved .What make it even worse, she had a fight with Luke because of what she did affect Luke career in New York. 
Bex's supportive parents
Suze, Bex 's bestfriend

However she still lucky as she had Suze and her parents whom always be by her side. After that hit, Becky struggling to pay all her debt by her own way, and thinks what really matter to her.

 Then she lastly found a job suite to her personality and enjoys her current career as a personal shopper in Barney, New York. Luke then came to her when he suddenly realizes that Becky was very important in his life.
I really love the way Becky talk to herself, it was so natural, cute and easy pessy minded. I d laugh cry angry and many emotions well up when came in to shopaholic world. Im also really admire Suze ,, she was very cute friends, always by Becky side even in some matter she know Becky wrong. However Suze always work hard to help Becky fix her problem, bad habit in her smooth way. She was a great2 best friend I always want one in this millennium cruel world when people willing to betray their own friends for their own good.

I had many good friends from all over state ,, he3, and never permanent in just one, because when the bond between us became strong, I had to say goodbye as there so many things happen in my family that need me to move on to build new life. But I would never regret, as all that had happened bring me in this state now. Happy, cherish all the memories..


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