Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The House On Hope Street 8star

old book 2000
How do you react when suddenly your husband died and leave you with 5 children still underage? We sure can’t imagine and never expect it to happened except if our husband was a damn-devilish-screw-guy (ops!)
when the judge already command,nothing
 can break the law
Liz had a 18 years happy family marriage with Jack and their 5 children, Megan Rachel Anne Peter and Jamie. They also manage their own successful law practice (specialize on family law especially divorce matter) with their excellent team worker, Jean. Their daughter Megan stubborn one, 14 years old, while Rachel often follow her sister act, 13years old and Anne 11 years old, less harm compared to other sister. Their bother Peter the one that often spending time with his girlfriend but never fail sustain build tight bond with his family especially with Jamie, the youngest one, special child who learn delayed that he should be on his own age. But he is the kindest and gentlest who have a wonderful sense of humor among his brother and sister.
Jack was shot by his client's husband
But their perfect happy family, scattered during the tragedy of Christmas morning, when Jack went to office to collect his paperwork, was shot by his client’s husband. Liz and the children continue their life with sorrow and emptiness; she had to work overtime to keep moving their law practice on her own, while in the same time help her children recover from their father’s death.  However, even time passing by, she still feel empty and often miss her husband until she met Dr Bill the workaholic and serious guy, that save Peter’slife. She never expects to fall in love again after 9 months become a single mother, and Peter also never dreams of loving someone too after his life marriage failed twice time. More worse, they got bad response from most of the children as they think Bill want to replace their father position in the family.
Danielle Stelle (best selling author)
In my opinion, the storyline was a moderate one, nothing urge my nerves to read more passion as I can expect the end of the story, seem s like other Malay novel which full of relationship between family member and lover but what make me stay still to read more as the story told with the simple language, simple style, not complicated and success in making me feel the misery life of Liz.
left: me ,mak , wiwi, kak long  (2007)
 As I read the story, I remember the time when my mothers want to get married after 4 years become a single mother for 6 children also underage same like Liz. (My parents divorced, after my father get married once again,  when I still in 14 years old, other siblings 15,13,12,7 and 5 years old). I agreed without thinking while one of my sister and one of my brothers hesitated and never happy. My mother deserve more even to had a partner in her life as I remember the time when she raise us by her own, start selling nasi lemak, open small business  sewing clothes and so much time she never fail give us what should we have on our own age. She was the superb one, had a power of woman even men, full of humour and determination.  I never regret my parents separated as now look what they had in the ending of the failed first marriage. They get what they wanted, happiness with their own partner, and Praises to Allah for the best fate that He created for us. Full of mystery!

"Allah menguji keikhlasan hati bila kita bersendirian,
memberi erti kedewasaan bila kita ditimpa masalah,
melatih kita dengan kesabaran dalam kesakitan,
tak pernah ambil sesuatu yang kita sayang,
gantikannya dengan yang lebih baik,," 
salam ceria!!


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